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Haal het maximale uit uw WMS met G-Nius


Download Haal het maximale uit uw WMS met G-Nius

Wereldwijd verspreide medewerkers en consumerization herdefiniëren de werkplek. Bedrijven spelen in op de evolutie van het personeelsbestand met mobiliteit en desktopvirtualisatie. IT-afdeling is op zoek naar structuur en beheer in mobiliteits- en werkplekservices. Geen verrassing: beveiliging blijft de allerhoogste prioriteit. Mobiele medewerkers en hun meerdere apparaten dwingen herinrichting van de werkplek af.

november 2012
  • Expertise
  • Architectuur en configuratie
  • Tests
  • Training
  • Implementatie
  • Projectbeheer
  • Applicaties
  • Redprairie Discrete
  • Expertise op alle gebieden
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Expertise G-Nius has extensive knowledge of WMS and related products. With our Industry specific knowledge and technical skill G-Nius makes sure you get the most out of your WMS. Not only the functionality of the WMS is an important aspect, but also the implementation, cooperation with users, IT support services, the different technology platforms, investment, Cost of Ownership / Return on Investment are aspects of the G-Nius expertise. Architecture and Configuration With extensive knowledge of the standard product and experience with a wide range of customization, G-Nius helps clients design and mapping of the architecture of the WMS. G-Nius also helps the customer with the realization of a detailed functional solution, configuration and provides the effort to make adjustments to the WMS to realize. Testing The development of a suitable test strategy, execution and documentation of tests and monitoring. Specific knowledge of Test Management ables G-Nius to get in consultation with the customer and the user organization furnished the configuration efficient and thorough testing. Training Optionally G-Nius accordance with the training-on-the-job training to develop principle users. Here, the needs of users are analyzed and pragmatic addressed. For large groups of students and / or very specific needs can be custom written materials and a training environment is created where the training is provided. Execution G-Nius van supply support and coaching for the user organization. In stages prior to go live at the time thereof and below supports G-Nius with technical expertise the application. Even after implementation, the transition from the stage to support the project and / or user organization by G-Nius accompanied by technical and process areas. Project Management The project managers of G-Nius are Prince 2 certified, have a thorough knowledge of the sector. They provide structure and management of your implementation and documentation and communication thereof. Application Besides extensive knowledge of RedPrairie WMS, G-Nius knowledge and experience with Manhattan Associates, SAP WM, Oracle, etc. RedPrairie Discrete The consultants of G-Nius have at several logistics providers a leading and / or supporting role in the design phase, implementation phase and the aftercare phase of Discrete Implementation projects at home and abroad. The branches vary from pharmacy to automotive or consumer goods Positions Whether the Project Manager, the Technical Lead, the Moca programmer, the configurator, the implementer, the tester or the user-support, G-Nius provides expertise for all functions. Projects 2012 Leading projects for ABG, Kingfisher, Ferrero (consumer goods), Jaguar Landrover, Lear, Leoni (automotiv) and National Health Service (Pharmacy) are currently accompanied by G-Nius consultants in the UK. In Poland, our consultants are active at Unilever. In Czech Republic we are active for Hartmann. Customers G-Nius works with companies with their own warehouse and determining logistics service like DHL, Ceva Logistics and Flextronics.