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Deze case study beschrijft hoe de Health Lottery – een Britse onderneming die via een loterijspel gezondheidsorganisaties financieel ondersteunt – zijn infrastructuur en beveiliging ingrijpend verbeterde dankzij een succesvolle samenwerking met Equinix. Om de ICT-afdeling zo klein mogelijk te houden, wilde het bedrijf de ICT uitbesteden. Daarnaast wilde de Health Lottery onder meer de toegang tot servers beperken tot daartoe aangewezen personeelsleden. Dankzij Equinix is de onderneming nu geen tijd meer kwijt aan allerlei operationele datacenter-beslommeringen. De Healt Lottery was zo tevreden over de samenwerking, dat het Equinix al snel rechtstreeks contracteerde in plaats van via een derde partij.

januari 2013
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Content & Digital meDia equinix customer success story health lottery The Health Lottery leverages Platform Equinix to enable a highly secure, resilient and innovative gaming solution which raises money for good causes across Britain Results High-power-density space with a broad choice of network service providers to provide resilient connectivity and industry-leading availability for application and customer content Multiple physical and data security levels to comply with current and potential future gaming regulations Data mirrored across two data centers for disaster recovery Widespread geographical footprint providing high-speed local server deployment, mirrored data backup for disaster recovery and room to grow Unmatched digital content management and distribution capabilities Extensive content and digital media ecosystem Capacity to scale on demand to meet any traffic scenario "the primary concern for our business is the security of our data, the continuity of the game, demonstrable resilience and security management. Within the equinix ecosystem, equinix provides an industry-leading operational environment, plus expertise that both meet and exceed our needs, ensuring peace of mind for us and our players." David Wall, chief operating officer, the health lottery The Business Challenge The Health Lottery is a unique lottery game which benefits good causes across the length and breadth of Great Britain. The Health Lottery Scheme manages 51 Society lotteries that operate in rotation, with each representing a different geographical region of Great Britain and raising money to address health inequalities in their area. 20 pence of every pound played goes directly to causes such as MenCap, the School Food Trust, the Alzheimers Society, Dementia UK and the Youth Sports Trust, to name but a few. Since its launch in October 2011, and thanks to The Health Lottery players, the local society lotteries have raised well over £24 million for healthrelated good causes. With its focus on good causes, 40,000 retail partners including well-known names like Tesco and the Co-op, and prizes ranging from £20 to £100,000, The Health Lottery has attracted a large group of regular players and is expanding into new channels all the time with new games. "The game itself is the heart of our business, delivered via retail partners and direct on the web, so at the outset, the ICT development and infrastructure requirements were considerable," explains David Wall, The Health Lottery COO. "Our strategy was to outsource ICT and keep core staff to a minimum. We needed three major suppliers ­ for our software, for infrastructure management, and for the physical hosting of infrastructure which could support and protect our software apps, our customer data and the web of connectivity we needed to build our retailer and customer relationships." "On the infrastructure side our key challenge was security. We needed restricted access to our servers for nominated personnel only, and we needed to demonstrate this clearly as part of strict compliance regulations. We were also looking for a partner that could deliver a range of potential partners and suppliers moving forwards, as new technologies like the cloud and mobile create new opportunities for the industry." The Solution "By partnering with Equinix we resolved our infrastructure needs, hosting our applications with remote links to our HQ and the TV draw studio," said David Wall. "The security levels we enjoy with them are a given, with world-class personnel and data access measures. For added www.equinix.co.uk content & Digital meDia equinix customer success story - the health lottery resilience we chose to deploy in two Equinix data centers, mirroring data in case of a disaster recovery scenario. While this is not strictly required by regulations we prefer to follow best practice for complete peace of mind." "We soon found that working with Equinix we didn't need to worry about the environment or operational issues in the data center. In fact our operating relationship with Equinix has progressed so well that we now contract with them directly rather than through a third party, ensuring shorter lines of communication to on-the-ground implementation and giving us more flexibility and clearer division of responsibilities." About The Health Lottery The Health Lottery is not a national lottery. It is a Health Lottery Scheme which manages (on behalf of 51 Community Interest Companies) 51 society lotteries that operate in rotation and each represent a different geographical region of Great Britain. Each society lottery is licensed by the Gambling Commission and will raise money for health related good causes within their respective local areas. Each local society lottery takes turns at participating in the Draw so that every area in England, Scotland and Wales gets its appropriate share of the monies raised. Details of the week (s) when each society lottery is open and a map of the local area that each society lottery covers can be found at www.healthlottery.co.uk or on the respective Community Interest Company websites. Why Equinix 100% Compliance & Continuity For online gaming service providers, transaction security and data security compliance are of the utmost importance: The Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) must be complied with at the data centre level. Equinix's successful quality management track record (ISO 9001) and ISO 27001 security systems accreditation reassure auditors and partners and eliminate the need for lengthy and repeated assessments. The mirror sites in two geographically diverse data centers underpin the resilience of data and delivery and share identical security processes, ensuring that The Health Lottery is prepared against any eventuality. "Clearly the primary concern in our business is with the security of our data and the continuity of the game," says Wall. "And the demonstrable resilience and security management which Equinix provides plus their industry-leading operational environment and expertise meet and exceed our needs, ensuring peace of mind for us and our players." About Equinix Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) connects businesses with partners and customers around the world through a global platform of high performance data centers, containing dynamic ecosystems and the broadest choice of networks. Platform Equinix connects more than 4,000 enterprises, cloud, digital content and financial companies including more than 900 network service providers to help them grow their businesses, improve application performance and protect their vital digital assets. Equinix operates in 38 strategic markets across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific and continually invests in expanding its platform to power customer growth. Learn more at www.equinix.com Equinix Europe +44.845.373.2900 info@eu.equinix.com Equinix Asia-Pacific +852.2970.7788 info@ap.equinix.com Equinix North America +1.650.598.6000 info@equinix.com Mature Digital Media Ecosystem Equinix provides a specialized ecosystem of potential partners within the data center, ranging from service providers to content owners and content delivery partners. "We get greater levels of efficiency by cross-connecting, saving on leased lines and enhancing resilience. Moving forward, as the cloud and mobile gaming take off we need best of breed partners to take advantage of these new opportunities: Platform Equinix's content and digital media ecosystem will give us the flexibility we need to develop our channels, choose new directions, and build new games," says Wall. Optimum Environment for Growth The Health Lottery has an international master agreement in place with Equinix. "This covers us if we choose to expand our operations elsewhere, and we can be sure that the extensive footprint of Platform Equinix will cover any national or international ambitions with no drop in service or infrastructure quality. Our expansion plans will centre on increasing presence and connectivity within the Platform Equinix ecosystem, because based on our positive experiences to date Equinix are and will continue to be our space and bandwidth partner of choice" Operational Expertise The Health Lottery runs monthly reviews with the Equinix account team to spot any issues and check efficiency. "We are very happy with how the relationship is going," says Wall. "When we need to add space and bandwidth we find the Equinix team highly efficient and responsive. The standardization and consistency of the Equinix IBX data centers and the high quality and expertise of their implementation team has enabled us to support and expand our services across the market." © 2012 equinix, inc. cs-a4 health 1F1 hD-JB 1210 www.equinix.co.uk
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