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Het is bekend dat server security management een moeilijke en complexe klus kan zijn. Omdat zaken als toegangsrechten en event logs wijd en zijd over het netwerk verspreid zijn, ontaarden zelfs de simpelste taken vaak in enorme handmatige inspanningen. Dit alles kan u echter bespaard blijven als u de juiste middelen en technieken gebruikt. Doe de ScriptLogic-test en vindt uit hoe vaardig en efficiënt u eigenlijk bent in server security management.

november 2012
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Take the ScriptLogic Server Security Management Personality Quiz! 1 . 8 0 0 . 4 2 4 . 9 4 1 1 | w w w . s c r i p t l o g i c . c o m © 2012 ScriptLogic Corporation ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ScriptLogic, the ScriptLogic logo and Point,Click,Done! are trademarks and registered trademarks of ScriptLogic Corporation in the United States of America and other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. 2 | The Server Security Management Personality Quiz We all know that server security management can be a difficult, complex job. A lot of what you need to work with ­ event logs, permissions, and so forth ­ are widely-distributed, making what should be simple tasks turn into a swamp of manual effort. With the right tools and techniques, you can stay high, dry, and efficient ­ test your server security management maturity with this personality quiz, and see how you rate! 1. When you need update the password of the account that your services use to log in, you... a) Don't. Who has time to run around reconfiguring services? b) Write a PowerShell script, taking care to have it log the machines it can't successfully change for one reason or another, and hoping you remember all of the machines you need to change c) Use a tool that discovers the necessary machines and makes the needed change automatically 2. When you need to identify all of the resources a former employee had access to, you... a) Quietly delete his old user account and hope for the best ­ you'll never track down all of those resources manually b) Write a PowerShell script that scans every file, folder, AD object, registry key, and Exchange mailbox in your organization. And SQL Server databases, and SharePoint, and... c) Spend 5 minutes running a report that has the required information 3. When you need to give a new user "the same permissions as that other guy", you... a) Ask "that other guy" exactly what permissions he has b) Write a script that finds "the other guy's" permissions by scanning ever file, folder, AD object, registry... oh, never mind c) Highlight "the other guy's" user account and select the "clone" option in your permissions management tool 4. When the boss asks you to consolidate files from five file servers onto one new one, you... a) Use Xcopy and ignore the fact that most files' permissions won't be copied correctly that way b) Spend hours backing up files, restoring them on the new server, and manually verifying permissions c) Use a tool that copies and verifies files, permissions, and other attributes ­ all during off-hours so that nobody is inconvenienced 3 | The Server Security Management Personality Quiz 5. When you need to fully document AD group memberships for an auditor, you... a) Get a pot of coffee, a pen, and a ream of paper to write on b) Spend a couple of days writing a script that recursively enumerates groups in all of your domains and forests c) Spend 30 seconds using an automated report generator to produce the needed information 6. When you need to restore the permissions that used to be on a file server's files, you... a) Restore the file server's data from tape, ignoring the fact that you're also overwriting the data as well as the permissions b) Restore from tape to an alternate server, then write a script to copy the permissions on each file, one at a time c) Use a permissions management tool to restore just the permissions to the files, without touching the data 7. When you need to identify the users who have touched a specific set of files on several file servers, you... a) Get an intern to start searching through the Windows Security log, and hope that you had auditing turned on when the files were accessed b) Write scripts to consolidate the servers' event logs, filter for the desired event ID, filter for the desired files, format the data into a... oh, never mind. c) Take a minute to run a report in your security management tool 8. When you need to be alerted each time a particular file is accessed on a server, you... a) Keep Event Viewer open and obsessively press "refresh" every five minutes b) Write a script that runs every 5 minutes, looks at the event log for new events, filters for just the desired events, checks the filename in the events, and sends an e-mail c) Configure a smart alert in your security management tool 4 | The Server Security Management Personality Quiz Score Yourself! Every (a) answer is worth 10 points, every (b) worth 20, and every (c) worth 30. Add up your answers and compare to our Personality Chart: 80 ­ 120 Wow, you really work hard. Really, really hard. And it's a lot of manual effort, isn't it? You know, not everything you need to run a Windows environment comes on the Windows DVD ­ there are some great tools out there that would make your job a lot easier. You're probably realizing that, powerful as scripting can be, it can accomplish everything. That's especially true with highly distributed information like security and events. Tools designed to consolidate and utilize that information are more efficient, and don't require you to spend hours debugging them. Sounds like you've got security under control ­ we're betting you've got a great suite of tools designed to consolidate distributed information and put it right at your fingertips. That's smart ­ you'll have more time to do interesting stuff, now! 130 ­ 200 210 - 240 Need a Personality Upgrade for Server Security Management? If you scored less than 240, then there's room for improvement ­ and ScriptLogic can help. With the right tools, managing permissions, events, and other aspects of security (even on hundreds of servers) becomes a matter of point, click done. For more information, visit www.scriptlogic.com. 5 | The Server Security Management Personality Quiz
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